Labrador Press is a one-lady, one-dog design and letterpress studio based in rural Connecticut. It is also a slightly funny cautionary tale about what happens when you click on a random banner ad (who does that, anyway?!). Labrador Press currently specializes in slightly funny greeting cards, business identities, invitations, and announcements. However, since we're always up for a challenge, that is by no means a complete list. Want to do something cool? Fill out the contact form below and let's get started!

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Labrador Press came about when I clicked on a Crane Lettra banner ad. Through a strange series of circumstances, that click led me to the foremost expert on Golding letterpresses (who happened to live two towns away). John, the expert, happened to know of a Golding Jobber No. 6 in excellent condition that was for sale. After a visit to the owner's shop in Reading, Connecticut, the Golding was mine. Thanks to some daring and resourceful friends, we moved 1600 pounds of equipment across the entire state in one afternoon. 

Learning how to use a 100+ year old printing press has been another story altogether. 


By day, I'm a freelance designer working in Boston. Mornings and evenings, I can be found riding the MBTA Commuter Rail thinking up mildly hilarious cards and sketching in my notebook. 

My interests include: letterpress (obviously), Labradors, running, riding my bike, the US Postal Service, American Airlines, and going on adventures.